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The recipe of the “veritable” natural Gustave Bernardel rosin is strictly the same from the original

of the 19th century production.

The secret process was first

transferred to the Français family,

famous violin makers in Paris

and New York.

Nowadays, it is still handcrafted

in the same tradition, unit by unit, by Corelli who inherited it from

Jacques and Jean Français.

Strictly selected raw materials come from top quality pine trees, using

the ideal “galipot”

(first sap of the tree).

Gustave Bernardel rosin is wellknown for its perfect purity ; it gets

absolutely no bubbles, which avoids damage of the bow’s horse hair.

Perfectly homogeneous, it does not stick, neither powders.

Its qualities in term of sound emission give Bernardel rosin,

its reputation of excellence :

• very clear and precise attack of the string

• easy production and control of the sound

• ideal for any kind of weather

Its blue pouch, is soft and easy to carry away with the instrument

in the case or in a pocket

法國 Savarez Corelli GUSTAVE BERNARDEL 小提琴 中提琴 大提琴 松香